Feng Shui Myth Buster

by JJ Cheng 04 Aug 2016

 Feng Shui Myth Buster



-       Some people say Feng Shui is about living in harmony with the environment.

-       Some believe it is about the placement of objects like statues and talismans to improve luck. Placing any objects of art, decor, painting or sculpture that looks and feels Asian in the house can activate the Feng Shui presence.

-       Some said Feng Shui is about getting rich.

-       "Feng Shui expert" claimed that painting or statue that placed at home could exude negative Qi.



-       What is Feng shui? It can be simply translated to “Wind” and “Water”, and it’s used to describe the flow of Qi (cosmic energies).

-       Contrary to popular beliefs, object placement does not do much to help enhance the overall Feng Shui of the property. It may just give your property a more classy and exquisite look.

-       There are no Feng Shui rules when it comes to the placement of art in your home because this has nothing to do with Feng Shui.

-       The placements of objects/arts serve as an inspiration, not superstition.

-       Feng shui is the art of accessing the qualities of Qi that converge at or affect a certain location in our environment and to ascertain its potential and shortcomings. To put it in layman's terms, Qi means "energy."

-       A natural occurring force all around us, it is considered an active principle that forms a part of every living being.

-       Feng shui isn’t something that  is exclusive to Chinese because other cultures including some in the West have similar concepts.

-       Qi can be either good or bad. In Feng Shui, it is the good Qi that we want to tap and utilize while the bad Qi is what we want to avoid.

-       Water is a significant element in Feng Shui, and its placement according to the sectors of the compass will yield different outcomes.

-       Be careful with the placement of external bodies of water such as ponds created by landscaping, rock gardens or rock waterfalls.

-       It is advisable to seek professional advice in the placement of water features in or outside your home.

-       Why does/should Feng Shui matter (whether to the young professional or the elderly person)


-       Regardless of age, Feng Shui can bring about tremendous positivity to one’s life – should it be practiced properly. Through proper use, both the young and old, are able to tap into positive Qi and use key Elements that work hand-in-hand in this process within the comfort of their own homes or even at workplaces. The art of Feng Shui allows one to tap into positive surrounding Qi and make something better of their lives.


-       What are the top 3 things one should know about the practice of Feng Shui?

-       The most important thing people should know about the practice of Feng Shui is that it is not some sort of magic trick or branch of interior design. The placement of ornaments is also not going to have dramatic life-changing effects on someone’s life. These are common misconceptions amongst laypeople. This leads us to the second most important thing one should know about Feng Shui – it is an art that is used to tap into the positive Qi in the environment. In order to successfully tap into this Qi, one has to identify auspicious directions, using Feng Shui, to play to the advantage of this remarkable ancient art. Thirdly, the benefits of Feng Shui would not be noticeable if it is used half-heartedly without being properly educated or informed on the proper nuances of its practice.


-       Does position of furniture like table, shelves and lighting affect Feng Shui?


-       Positions of furniture will have no effect whatsoever on Feng Shui. The respectable ancient art depends on factors like Mountain and Water, through which Qi is generated and collected respectively. It is merely a superstition that the position of furniture can affect Feng Shui, however placement of the Water features (eg: pond, fountain, etc.) within the premises of homes and the Main Door could have significant effects. Their positions should be in tandem with individual auspicious directions, which are obtained through delving deeper into the wonders of Feng Shui.



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