How to use our iPhone app - for consumers

by JJ Cheng 15 Apr 2015

User Guide for iPhone app  (for Consumer)

First of all, thank you for downloading our iPhone app. It took us almost 6 months’ hard work to build this app which is not only elegantly designed, but integrated with a lot of functionalities.

You can download/update the app at this url:

Let's get started!

1. This is the home page, there are four shortcuts and a search box in the home page, allows you to quickly navigate through the app. There is also a number of featured properties button. Click on the images to go to specific page for the specific feature such as below valuation and properties with sea view. Click on the menu button at the top left hand corner anytime to open up the side menu.

2. The side menu bar

3. Log in using your email/password or connect with your Facebook account. If you do not have an account yet, you can register a free account using your mobile number.

4. This is the new side menu once your have logged in. You can edit your profile or log out by tapping your thumbnail.

5. Next, let's go to Find Properties page. We adapted the new design concept from Apple called "Stay in Context". For most of the selections in this app, they will be displayed as a drop down list, instead of bringing you to another page.

6. Once you have selected all the requirements, click on search button at the bottom right hand corner, this is the property listings page.

7. You can swipe the row to the left to find our more information about the property and agent's details, swipe again to call, sms agent or add it to your shortlist.

8. Tap on the map icon at the bottom left corner will bring you to the map view, tap on the map marker will show you the property information. If there are more than 1 properties at the same location, you can swipe the listings to the left to browse them.

9. Tap on the listing to go to property details page.

10. Tap on the photo to view the photos in full screen, sometimes agents upload youtube videos or virtual tours as well. You can view them from there too.

11. Tap on the map will bring you to the location page, you can find out the nearby amenities from there too.

12. At the bottom of property details page, you can easily navigate to the next listing by tapping the Next: for .... link.

13. Next, we move on to project analyzer. It is a tool to help consumers and agents to easily identify the preferred project to buy or rent, using a number of advanced filter options together with transaction details (only available to paid subscribers). Usage should be very similar to Find Properties page.

14. This is the project list page, again, swipe the property to the left to view more details and add to favourite.

15. This is the project details page, you can also see how many units are available for sale, rent or room rental.

16. If there is any past transaction or rental, it will show up at the bottom of the page together with transaction report. Tap on the header to view more.

17. Next is the search past transactions page. A number of options are available. You can also search for profiltable/loss transactions by tapping on "Profit/Loss Search" button at the bottom. (paid subscribers can see full transactions)

18. At transactions page, you can turn your iPhone to landscape mode to have a clearer view.

19. Next is the calculators page. Currently we offer 5 calculators: mortgage, affordability, stamp duty, nett rental yield and TDSR.

20. If you have any shortlisted properties or favourite projects, you can access them through the side menu by tapping the x shortlists link.

21. This is the shortlists page, swipe the property to the left to see more information. Tapping the bottom "Favourite project/hdbs" link will bring you to your favourite projects page.

That's all for the user guide. The app has been there for a very short period of time, I am sure you will encounter bugs while using them. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulty in using the app of if you have any suggestion! Our feedback email is

Thank you!


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