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by John 13 Sep 2014

T to Z


Town Councils Financial Rules 
Temporary Fire Permit (TFP)

A permit issued by Singapore Civil Defence Force to enable application of Temporary Occupation Permit from BCA, with minor non-compliances to be complied prior to application of Fire Safety Certificate( FSC). A building owner may also apply and obtain a Temporary Fire Permit (TFP) for a limited period to occupy or use the premises, prior to obtaining the FSC. The TFP is only issued on condition that the fire safety works of the project has been satisfactorily completed with very minor outstanding issues left to be complied with. The timeframe to obtain the FSC after issuance of the TFP will depend on the size, type and complexity of the project. Normally, a maximum of 6 months will be granted.
Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL)

TOL is a licence issue for temporary usage of the premises or lands.
Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP)

A permit issued by Building & Construction Authority under Building Control Act [ Charter 29 Building Control ( Temporary Buildings) Regulations ]

If you are planning to buy a flat jointly with one or more persons (up to a maximum of four persons), you must decide how you and the other co-owners would want to hold the property. Under Tenancy-in-Common, each co-owner holds a separate and definite share of the flat. Nevertheless, all the co-owners are entitled to use the whole flat, not considering their share of the property. On the death of any co-owner, his/her interest in the flat will be distributed according to the will, if any. If there is no will, his/her interest in the flat will be distributed to the beneficiaries in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act. 
Tenants Priority Scheme (TPS)

To help tenants of rental flats to own homes, tenants will be given priority allocation to select new 2 and 3-room flats offered for sale under the Tenants Priority Scheme
Term Contractor (TC)

Contractors engaged by HDB to carry out maintenance/repair works
Third-Child Priority (TCP) Scheme

The TCP Scheme gives families with more than two children priority allocation of new flats.
Total Discharge of Mortgage (TDM)

For redemption of loan, you need to pay a conveyancing fee and/or registration fees for the total discharge of mortgage (TDM). The fees payable depends on the flat type and the lease position of your flat respectively.
Town Council (TC)

A body established under the Town Councils Act to control, manage, maintain and improve the common areas of the residential and commercial property in the public housing estates of the HDB. 

Unique Entity Number (UEN)

UEN is a unique number for all entities such as businesses, companies and societies that operate in Singapore to interact with government agencies.
Upgrading Levy

This is the amount of money that the flat owners, who have enjoyed the upgrading subsidy, must pay when selling their flat in the open market.
Upgrading Subsidy

This subsidy is given by the government to Singapore Citizen (SC) households affected by the various upgrading programmes. With the subsidy, SC households only need to pay a small percentage of the upgrading cost after the works are completed.


A valid valuation report is required to support your resale application if you are:
  • Taking a HDB loan, or
  • Withdrawing CPF savings for the flat purchase, or
  • Obtaining a bank loan and using your CPF savings in the flat purchase or servicing of loan instalments, or
  • Requesting for the CPF Housing Grant. 
    The valuation will be used to determine the financing limits i.e amount of CPF withdrawals, housing loans and the cash payment. 
  • Valuation Limit (VL)

    The VL is the lower of: 
  • The purchase price of the property, and
  • The value of the property at the time of purchase.

  • Writ of Possession (WOP)

    A formal document, issued by a lawcourt or a person in a authority, stating a legal obligation to re-possess 
    Writ of Seizure (WOS)

    A formal document, issued by a lawcourt or a person in a authority, stating a legal obligation to seize 
    Written Direction (WD)

    Requirements for compliance with Addition and Alteration applications 

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