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by John 13 Sep 2014

L to S

Land Lease (LL)

HDB leases out land for permitted use and in accordance with URA's Development Control Requirement and the relevant authority's clearance.
Lease Buyback Scheme (LBS)

LBS is a special scheme that provides an additional option for low-income elderly Singaporeans in 3-room and smaller flats to cash out part of the money locked up in their HDB flats, for their old age.
Letter of Offer

Letter of Offer is issued by mortgagee (e.g banks) to flat buyers to inform them of the loan amount and terms and conditions for the loan.
Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)

You are required to engage an Energy Market Authority (EMA) licensed electrical worker to carry out the electrical work in your HDB flat. For licensed electrical contractors, the names and their licence numbers are listed in EMA's website at www.ema.gov.sg under 'Quick Links > Licensed Workers-Electrician'.
Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP)

This programme helps to provide 100% lift accessibility for all flats, where ever feasible.
Liquidated Damages (LD)

Liquidated damages means an amount that can be determined or calculated as loss suffered. In some contracts may specify pre-determined liquidated damages in the event of a breach.
Lump Sum Payment

Lump sum payment refers to repaying part of the remaining mortgage loan / upgrading cost.

Main Upgrading Programme (MUP)

The Main Upgrading Programme (MUP) was launched by the Government in 1990 to enhance the overall living environment of HDB estates. It is part of the Government's continual efforts to enhance the quality of life of Singaporeans through its public housing programme. Established community ties are also preserved, as residents are able to enjoy a better living environment without the need to move out from their familiar surroundings.
Married Child Priority (MCP) Scheme

This scheme encourages married children and parents to reside within the same estate or neighbouring estate to foster care of their parents by giving married children who are applying for a new flat double the chances as compared to those who are not applying to stay near parents/married child.
Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

This is the minumum period of time the HDB flat owners must physically occupy their flats before they are eligible to sell their flats in open market. The period depends on:
  • Purchase mode,
  • Financing mode
  • Flat type
  • Multi-Storey Carpark (MSCP)

    Building of more than 1 storey designed for parking of vehicles 

    Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP)

    NRP, which replaces IUP Plus, focuses on block and neighbourhood improvements. It is fully funded by the Government. Flats built up to 1989 which have not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme, Interim Upgrading Programme or IUP Plus are eligible for NRP.
    Non-Bona-fide Residents (NonBonafide)

    Residents who are not registered flat owners/ occupiers/ tenants in an HDB flat within Restricted Zone(RZ)/Designated Area(DA) but who stay within RZ/DA.
    Non-citizen Spouse Scheme (NCSS)

    The Non-Citizen Spouse Scheme allows a citizen with a non-citizen spouse to buy an HDB flat from the open market
    Notice of Approval (NOA)

    Approval notice issued for Addition and Alteration works
    Notice to Quit (NOQ)

    A formal document to terminate the tenancy 

    Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS)

    The Online Business Licensing Service is an online portal that allows the applicant to submit one or multiple licence applications to the relevant government agencies for their business licensing needs. 
    Option To Purchase (OTP)

    The Option to Purchase is a legal contract and it is a prescribed form under the Housing & Development Act. The Act provides that any contract which is made in any form other than in the prescribed form or with additions/deletion/variations to the form that are unauthorised by the Board, shall be null and void. Buyers and sellers of resale flats must use an HDB standard Option to Purchase (OTP) as the form of contract in resale transactions. 
    Optional Component Scheme (OCS)

    OCS allows flat buyers under the Build-to-Order Scheme to choose to have internal doors and/or floor finishes* installed in the designated areas of the flat. The costs of the OCS items would be added on to the selling price of the flat. * OCS for floor finishes only applies to Standard flats. Premium flats are provided with full floor finishes.
    Outdoor Refreshment Areas (ORA)

    The proposed ORA area shall be 60% of the trading area or Internal Refreshment Area whichever is smaller.
    Outright Payment

    Outright payment refers to repaying your upgrading cost in full in a single payment, without taking up the monthly installment plan, by the due date specified in your upgrading bill.

    Park and Ride

    This scheme encourages motorists to park their vehicles at designated car parks and use MRT, LRT or buses to travel to other parts of the city.
    Partial Capital Repayment

    Partial capital repayment refers to lump sum payment of mortgage loan where ad hoc payment(s) is/are made to repay part of the remaining mortgage loan.
    Plot Ratio (PR)

    The plot ratio of a site is the gross floor area of the building divided by the site area.
    Power of Attorney

    A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows a person ('donor') to appoint another person ('attorney') to act on his behalf and in his name on matters specified in the Power of Attorney. You need a Power of Attorney if you are unable to attend personally to matters relating to the buying your HDB flat. For instance, if you are going overseas. You are advised to obtain the Power of Attorney before you leave the country.
    Premium Flat

    Premium flats are fitted with full floor finishes as well as quality sanitary ware.
    Professional Engineers (PE)

    Certain types of renovation work require the engagement of a Qualified Person (QP). You can engage one via the Professional Engineers (PE) Board Website at www.peb.gov.sg under the heading 'Directory of Professional Engineer'.
    Project CHEER

    CHEER stands for 'Community & HDB Engaging Elderly Residents'. Under Project CHEER, HDB would facilitate corporations and companies who volunteer their time and funds in reaching out to senior citizens living in rental blocks.
    Project Completion Period (PCP)

    Project Completion Period (PCP) is a specified period where the development must be completed. This term can be found in the sale conditions of government sale sites.
    Project LIFE (Lift Improvement and Enhancement for the Elderly)

    Under Project LIFE, the living conditions of the elderly were improved. HDB has upgraded selective one-room rental blocks where there is a high number of elderly households.
    Project SPHERE

    SPHERE stands for 'Students, Singapore Pools & HDB Enriching and Reaching out to the Elderly'. Under Project SPHERE, students from the participating schools adopt a HDB rental block or Studio Apartment. They work towards enriching the lives of the elderly who live in these adopted blocks, by organising community activities for them.
    Provisional Permission (PP)

    Stipulated period of permission issued by URA for approval of Addition and Alteration work and New works.

    Qualified Person (QP)

    Certain types of renovation work require the engagement of a Qualified Person (QP). You can engage one via the Professional Engineers (PE) Board Website at www.peb.gov.sg under the heading 'Directory of Professional Engineer'.

    Redemption Payment

    Redemption payment refers to the repayment of the remaining mortgage loan / upgrading cost in full.
    Registered Renovation Contractors' Scheme (RRCS)

    The HDB Registered Renovation Contractors' Scheme (RRCS) was introduced to regulate and control the activities of Registered Renovation Contractors (RRCs) when they carry out renovation works in HDB flats. This is to ensure that they do not cause damage to HDB's property or nuisance to the residents.
    Reinstatement Deposit (RD)

    Deposit required for reinstatement of premises upon termination of tenancy
    Repairs And Redecoration (R&R)

    Repairs and redecoration works are part of the cyclical works carried out in HDB estates which consist mainly of repainting to the HDB properties.
    Resale Checklist for Sellers/Buyers who engage Salesperson

    The Resale Checklist provides salespersons with a standard list of important items to highlight to their clients, so that buyers/sellers can make informed decisions before they commit to buy or sell their flats. Salespersons handling resale flat transactions will have to go through a Resale Checklist with their clients to highlight important policies and procedures before they commit to an HDB resale flat transactions; i.e at least 7 days before the sellers grant an Option to Purchase (OTP) and before the buyers exercise the OTP.
    Resale Levy

    Singapore citizen households enjoy a housing subsidy when they either buy a new flat from HDB or a resale flat in the open market with the CPF Housing Grant. Each eligible household can buy up to a maximum of 2 subsidised flats, in other words, enjoy 2 housing subsidies.The resale levy is payable when the household buys or take over the ownership of another subsidized flat. 
    Resale Price Index

    The HDB Resale Price Index tracks the overall price movement of the public residential market. The index is calculated using resale transactions registered across varius towns, flat types and models, with the fourth quarter of 1998 as the base period (i.e. index ha value of 100 in 4Q98). The Index is used by comparing how it changes from one period from another. 
    Revitalisation of Shops Scheme (ROS)

    The ROS scheme comprises three components, viz. co-funding for upgrading of common area, co-funding for promotional activities and rent-free periods for tenants to renovate their shops.
    RFID Tag

    The RFID tag, which has a serial number, is used to identify a vehicle. This identification tag is issued to all season parking ticket holders and helps to check the validity of the season parking tickets through a handheld device.

    Sale of Balance Flats (SBF)

    The Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) exercise offers flat buyers a wide range of flats in terms of location and flat type to suit the different needs and preferences of home buyers.
    Sales and Purchase Agreement (S&PA)

    Sale and Purchase Agreement (S&P) is a written contract signed between the buyer and seller stating amongst others, the terms and conditions under which a property will be sold.
    Season Parking Ticket (SPT)

    This parking ticket allows you to park at a particular HDB car park group any time, without having to display parking coupons. These tickets are meant for long term parking needs and are sold to motorists on a calendar month basis.

    A Second-timer is one who has already enjoyed one housing subsidy.
    Secondary Dormitory Housing (SDH)

    A secondary workers' dormitory houses off-site workers. It may also house on-site workers. Housing off-site workers is considered as a subletting which attracts a sublet consent fee payable by the tenant. 
    Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS)

    Under SERS, selected old sold flats are redeveloped to optimise land use. SERS offers residents a unique opportunity to upgrade to new and better flats nearby with fresh 99-year lease.
    Self-service Automated Machines (SAM)

    S.A.M.™ is a 24-hour automated post office that allows you to pay your bills and fines.
    Service and Conservancy Charges (SCCC)

    SC CC are payable monthly by the Tenants and Lessees toward the maintenance and upkeep of the common property
    Singapore Accredited Estate Agencies (SAEA)

    The scheme, jointly administered by the Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers (SISV) and the Institute of Estate Agents (IEA), sets the guidelines, minimum educational standards and practice standards for real estate agents.
    Singapore Plumbing Society (SPS)

    For sanitary works, you are encouraged to engage a Singapore Plumbing Society's (SPS) registered plumber.
    Single Singapore Citizen Scheme (SSC)

    Single citizens who have reached the age of 35 can buy a resale HDB flat under the Single Singapore Citizen Scheme. 
    Space-Adding Item (SAI)

    the Space-Adding Item (SAI) is offered to households of all flat types under the MUP, on top of the Standard Package.
    Special Precinct Car Parks

    Car parks with equalised season parking rate of $75.00
    Staggered Downpayment Scheme (SDS)

    The SDS allows first-timer couples who have booked a new 2, 3, 4 or 5-room flat under construction in any of the HDB's sales exercises to make the downpayment in 2 stages.
    Standard Flat

    Standard flats are perfect for those who prefer to install their own choice of finishes and fittings in the home.

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