HDB Glossary A to J

by John 13 Sep 2014

A to J

Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

ACRA provides a one-stop shop to customers by the integration of e-services with multiple agencies such as the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Spring Singapore and Singapore Government Network Information Centre (SGNIC). These initiatives allow customers to sign up for a whole suite of services upon successfully registering a new business entity with ACRA.
Addition & Alteration Works (A&A)

These are renovation works carried out on HDB premises.
Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG)

The AHG is an additional subsidy provided by the government to assist eligible first-timers to buy new HDB or resale flats. On 6 Feb 2008, the AHG was enhanced to make it easier for first-timers to buy a flat. Eligible first-timers can use the AHG amount (up to $40,000) to offset the purchase price of a resale or new HDB flat. 
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Index

This index is the peg for the HDB market interest rate. The ARM Index is currently computed based on the average of the non-promotional HDB housing loan rates of the three local banks – DBS(POSB), OCBC and UOB. The HDB market interest rate is subject to the floor rate of the HDB concessionary interest rate.
Ancillary Dormitory Housing (ADH)

An ancillary workers' dormitory is where the tenants' ons-site workers are housed.
Available Housing Withdrawal Limit (AHWL)

It is the maximum CPF amount that you can withdraw if you have utilised 100% of your flat's Valuation Limit (VL).

Banker's Guarantee (BG)

BG is a commonly acceptable mode for deposit to be furnished.
Barrier-Free Accessibility (BFA)

Barrier-Free Accessibility works are carried out by Town Councils at the common areas as part of their estate improvement works to make Singapore an “Accessible City” for all. 
Bona-fide Residents (BonaFide)

Residents who are registered flat owners / occupiers / tenants in an HDB flat within the Restricted Zone/Designated Area.
Build-To-Order (BTO)

The Build-To-Order (BTO) is a mode of sales which allows HDB flats to be built according to housing demand and offers flexibility in location and timing for flat buyers
Building Plan (BP)

These are new works and addition and alteration works requiring approval from the relevant authorities such as URA, BCA and FSSD.

Cadastral Survey (CP)

Cadastral surveys in general create and mark as well as define, retrace, resurvey and reestablish the boundaries and subdivisions of lands. 
Car Park at Designated Area (DA)

Car parks located at the periphery of the Restricted Zone (RZ).
Car Park at Rest of Island(RestCP)

Car parks other than those located within the Restricted Zone & Designated Areas
Car Park at Restricted Zone (RZ)

Car parks in the Central Business District and Bounded by Restricted Zone (RZ) gantries.
Cash-Over-Valuation (COV)

COV refers to the difference between the resale price and the market valuation of a flat. As resale flats operate in a free market situation, transactions take place on a willing-buyer, willing-seller basis. Tthe price is open to negotiation and mutually agreed between both parties. 
Certificate of Completion (COC)

This is a certificate submitted by builders or contractors to BCA. 
Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC)

Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) and Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC) are terms commonly used in building works. When the building works are completed, the applicant and the Qualified Person apply to the Commissioner of Building Control for a CSC or TOP. The building can only be occupied when a CSC or TOP is granted.
Certificate of Title (CT)

A Certificate of Title is evident of ownership. The Registrar of the Titles issues a Certificate of Title for a piece of land pursuant to section 8 of the Lands Titles Act. New Certificates of Titles are issued when land are subdivided or amalgamated. This facilitates the transfer of the legal titles.
Civil Defence Shelter (CDS)

This refers to the store/pantry in a HDB flat that is designed and constructed to also serve as a civil defence shelter in times of emergency. It is specially designed to protect residents in an emergency with strengthened walls, floor and ceiling and a steel door.
COnstruction and Real Estate NETwork (CORENET)

Qualified persons(registered architects and professional engineers) are required to send their submissions to Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and other relevant agencies for regulatory approval via CORENET (COnstruction and Real Estate NETwork).
Contra facility

The Contra facility enables you to sell your current HDB flat and buy a new HDB flat with the sale proceeds and refunded CPF amount from the sale of your current flat.
CPF Housing Grant

The CPF Housing Grant scheme is a housing subsidy provided by the government to eligible buyers of HDB resale flats. The CPF Housing Grant (in the form of CPF monies and not cash) can be used for the initial payment to reduce the mortgage loan for the purchase of flatsEligible buyers of DBSS flats and Executive Condominiums can also apply for the CPF Housing Grant. CPF Housing Grant however cannot be used to pay the cash-over-valuation (COV) for resale flats. 
Credit Bureau Report

Credit Bureau Report is a report that shows the loan payment performance of individuals based on the data provided by the Banking and Finance industry to the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS) each month. The Credit Bureau Report is confidential. You can request for a copy of your Credit Bureau Report either on-line at www.creditbureau.com.sg, any of the SingPost branches or the Credit Bureau office.

Defects Liability Period (DLP)

In line with industry practice, all new HDB flats are provided with a one-year defects liability period (DLP). The DLP is effective from the date of sale. During the one-year DLP, HDB will rectify defects in the flat reported by the flat owner. Please note that defects arising from the flat owner's renovation works or usage are not covered by the DLP
Demerit Point System (DPS)

The Demerit Point System (DPS) allows HDB to better manage HDB Registered Renovation Contractors (RRCs). It is a transparent system where RRCs can track their performance via the number of demerit points accumulated. 
Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS)

This scheme involves the private sector in the development of public housing so as to bring about greater innovation in the building and design of flats and offer more housing choices to flat buyers. 
Development Charge (DC)

Development Charge is a 'levy' imposed when planning permission is granted to carry out development on a site for more valuable zoning use or when in excess of the existing plot ratio i.e. higher density. The DC is payable to URA.
Differential Premium (DP)

This is a 'levy' payable by a lessee of State land who wishes to top up his lease or remove any restrictive covenant imposed by the lease. The DP is payable to SLA.


e-Resale is an online application system for the submission of resale application and valuation request. 
It can be used by:- 
Do-It-Yourself Buyers or Sellers (those who have not engaged the services of a salesperson) and 
Salespersons from estate agencies that do not subscribe to the ResaleNet System, to submit applications on behalf of their clients (buyers or sellers).
Energy Market Authority (EMA)

Energy Market Authority (EMA) is responsible for the licensing of electrical workers for electrical works and gas service workers for gas service works.
Enhanced Contra Facility (ECF)

This facility enables you to sell your existing HDB flat and buy a resale HDB flat using the sale proceeds and the refunded CPF amount of your existing flat.
Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU)

Essential Maintenance Service Unit is a 24-hour telephone answering service provided by HDB and Town Councils to provide essential maintenance and lift rescue services to HDB residents.
Estimated Delivery Possession Date (EDPD)

The EDPD is an estimate of the date that HDB is required under the Agreement for Lease to deliver possession of the flat.
Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP)

The Ethnic Integration Policy (EIP) is aimed to promote racial integration and harmony and to prevent the formation of racial enclaves, by ensuring a balanced ethnic mix among the various ethnic communities living in public housing estates. The EIP is applicable to the purchase of new flats, resale flats, SERS ( Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme) replacement flats and DBSS (Design, Build & Sell Scheme) flats as well as the allocation of rental flats in all HDB estates.
Executive Condominium (EC)

Executive Condominiums (EC) were introduced to cater to Singaporeans, especially young graduates and professionals who can afford more than an HDB flat but find private property out of their reach. ECs are comparable in design and facilities to private condominiums as they are developed and sold by private developers.
Extension of Time (EOT)

Tenant may forward their request to HDB that they need longer time to carry out certain work
Extruded Polystyrene Foam (EPF)

Topping of kitchen floor to level with living room using extruded polystyrene foam (EPF)

Family Season Parking Ticket (FSPT)

This ticket is applicable to HDB residents who have already bought a HDB Season Parking Ticket to park at their own residential car park. These residents can buy the Family SPT at a 50% discount, to facilitate their family members to park their cars in the residential car park during their visits. The Family SPT can be availed only for car parks where there are sufficient parking lots for residents.
Fire Certificate (FC)

An annual certificate issued by Singapore Civil Defence Force to a public building and to an industrial building.
Fire Safety Certificate (FSC)

A Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) provides for the safety of the building's occupants. Therefore, owners and their Qualified Persons (QP) whom they have engaged for their fire safety works are required to apply and obtain the FSC before using or occupying the premises. The FSC is only issued after full completion of all fire safety works in the project. Failure to comply with this is an offence under the Fire Safety Act and the owner is liable to court action.
Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD)

The business must comply with the fire safety requirements imposed by the Fire Safety and Shelter Department 

A first-timer is one who has not enjoy any housing subsidy.
Fixed Term Tenancy (FTT)

Fixed period of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years that property is let out to a tenant for permitted use and tenant pays rent.
Full Capital Repayment

Full capital repayment refers to the redemption of mortagage loan where ad hoc payment(s) is/are made to repay the remaining mortgage loan in full.

Goods & Services Tax (GST)

GST is a tax on domestic consumption. The tax is paid whenever customers buy goods or services from GST registered businesses. GST registered businesses is to submit their GST claim from IRAS. 
Grant of Written Permission (WP)

Permission issued by URA for Addition and Alteration works and New works.
Gross Floor Area (GFA)

Floor area refers to the estimated area of the whole apartment, inclusive of the area of the air-conditioner ledge and bay window(where applicable)

HDB-ResaleNET System

HDB-ResaleNET system is an online application system for the submission of resale application and valuation request. It is only for salespersons from estate agencies that have subscribed to the ResaleNet System, to submit applications on behalf of their clients (buyers or sellers).
HDB Branch (BO)

HDB Branches are strategically located around Singapore to provide HDB residents with easy access to housing services
HDB Housing Market Statistics

HDB Housing Market Statistics provides the latest data in the HDB resale and subletting market.
HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE)

The HLE letter provides prior information on flat buyers' loan eligibility quantum and monthly instalment to ensure that flat buyers are able to pay for their home and service the loan without overstretching their finances. 
Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

This programme helps flat owners to deal with common maintenance problems related to ageing flats, such as spalling concrete and ceiling leaks, in a systematic and comprehensive manner.
Home Office (HO)

Home Office Scheme was implemented on 10 Jun 2003. Under the Scheme, HDB flats can be used as a home office and for business registration
Home Protection Scheme (HPS)

The Home Protection Scheme (HPS) is a mortgage reducing insurance which insures CPF members and their families against losing their homes should members become physically / mentally incapacitated or pass away before their housing loans are paid up. 
(Source: CPF Board)
Household Shelters (HS)

The store/pantry in a HDB flat, designed and constructed to serve also as a civil defence shelter in times of emergency. The store/pantry has strengthened walls, floor and ceiling and a steel door which looks like a normal household door.

Industrial Redevelopment Programme (IRP)

Under HDB's Industrial Redevelopment Programme (IRP), HDB will rehouse the existing tenants to better high-rise industrial facilities to cater for the needs of Small-Medium Enterprises. It will also provide the opportunity to rehouse tenants from closely related trades within the same industrial complex for better synergy
Insurance Guarantee (IG)

IG is an acceptable mode for deposit to be furnished.
Interbank GIRO (IBG)

You can settle your HDB monthly rent, mortgage loan instalment or upgrading cost instalment including the related Goods and Services Tax and late payment charge where applicable, through IBG if you maintain a current/savings account with ANY of the IBG participating banks.
Interim Upgrading Programme (IUP)

See IUP+
Interim Upgrading Programme (IUP) Plus

This programme includes two types of improvement:
  • Interim Upgrading Programme (IUP): Includes improvements on linkways, repainting, new letter boxes
  • Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP): Includes improvements on direct lift access for all flats

  • Joint Singles Scheme (JSS)

    The Joint Singles Scheme allows two to four single citizens to jointly buy an HDB flat from the open market
    Joint Tenancy

    If you are buying the resale flat jointly with one or more persons (up to a maximum of fours persons), you need to decide how you and the other co-owners would want to hold the property. Under Joint Tenancy, all the owners have an equal interest in the flat regardless of how much each co-owner has contributed to the purchase of the flat. The right of survivorship applies here. This means that should any co-owner die, his interest in the flat would be automatically passed on to the remaining co-owners. This is irrespective of whether a will had been made by the deceased co-owner.

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