Chat with tenants/buyers in real time at anywhere with our mobile app!

by JJ Cheng 24 Jul 2015

Get engaged with your potential tenants/buyers in real time at anywhere!

From today, tenants and buyers who visit your listing page can start a chat with you in real time! Once you enabled this feature, visitors will see this button at the listing page:

Click on the Start Live Chat button, a chat box will appear at the bottom of the page.

On your mobile app (currently only available on iPhone, Android app is under development) will receive a push notification:

Push notification works without opening the app, just make sure you are logged in.

Click on it, at the left side menu, you will see a red badge icon showing number of unread live chats:

Click on Agent Portal, there will be new "Live Chats" row in this page, also showing number of unread live chats

Click on live chats, a list of all live chats will have will show up, with unread ones having a red dot at the top left corner.

You can delete this live chat or block this user by swiping the item from right to left. Blocking the user will stop receiving notifications from the user, you can still see all user's conversions when click into it.

All live chat messages are here:

Please note it's REAL TIME, just like WatsApp or WeChat, when user is typing, you will see the title change to Typing..., when user left, you will also see it.

For the moment, we do not allow agents to start a conversion to any user, so once user has left, you cannot type anymore.

Tap on the Action button at top right corner, will bring this panel up, which allows you to view information like listing details, listing details on web (currently the app does not support Chinese language, use web version if you need to see the Chinese version), block user and download unread messages. Unread messages are automatically downloaded when you enter this page, but sometimes that does not work due to network errors, use this button to retrieve them back.

Blocked users will have a blocked text in the live chats page. New messages will always be on top.

Anytime a new message comes in from anther user, this notification will appear, tap on that will lead you to the new thread.

If you have any unread messages, there will always be a red dot at the menu icon.

How to register your device? Just 2 steps!

1. Download our latest iPhone app. Search in App Store and download the first one, or update your existing app.

2. Login to the app. The first time you login, the app will ask your permission to receive push notifications, just allow it. If you do not receive any error message, you are done!

How to enable/disable this feature?

Live chat can be turned on/off on per listing basis. At edit listing confirmation page (on app or web), tick the switch/check box to turn it on/off for selected language. If you turned it on in English, it will enable in your listing's English page, vice verso.



What's next?

In the next release, users can use the iPhone app to start a live chat.

Why use?

We have experienced 3 kinds of tenants and buyers very often:

1. Want to know more about the listing, but do not want to wait for a response.

2. Want to know more about the listing, but do not want to disclose any contact information before knowing a bit more.

3. From overseas, calling and messaging is costly.

With this feature, tenants and buyers will have a much better chance to interact with you, more interaction means higher change to close the deal!


Please note that this feature is a very primitive tool of communication which aims to get your first touch with the prospect. Generally, we advice you get the contact information from the prospects after chatting with him/her.

This is a brand new feature, if you encounter any bug, please inform us, and we will fix them in the next release! Thank you and hope you will find it useful!

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