Chat with property agents in real time!

by JJ Cheng 24 Jul 2015

From today, you can start chatting with the property agents regarding your interested listings in real time. Simple login to our website, at the listing page, click on "Start Live Chat" button (if available).

Click on that will bring up the chat box at bottom of the page. You will be notified when agent has joined this chat or typing.

To leave this conversion, just refresh or leave this page.

If you are someone who do not like waiting for a response, this can be a very useful tool to get in touch with this agent. It can be also useful if you are currently in overseas which calling / messaging maybe costly.

If the agent did not respond after a certain time, it could mean the agent is busy, we advice you to leave a enquiry just like you used to do.

Our next release will enable you to start a live chat directly on our mobile app! Thank you and hope you will find it useful!

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