Singapore ranked 9th for Chinese property buyers

by wanpingyau 14 Jun 2014

According to data published by popular Chinese real estate website, Singapore was ranked the ninth most popular overseas property investment destination by Chinese buyers, accounting for 4.29% of transactions during Q1.

The United States of America made it to the top of the list for Chinese buyers and investors during Q1 2014.

America topped the list published with 16.98% of Chinese overseas property buyers investing there during the first quarter of the year. The favorite designations were Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Australia came in second with 13.70%.

It has been observed in recent years that more Chinese overseas property investors are increasing their budget, with some willing to spend 5million Yuan (S$1 million) or more, rising from 26.75% last year to 40.86% now.

According to the report, the other destinations in the top 5 are Canada (10.22%), the United Kingdom (9.62%) and Malaysia (8.55%).

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