City in Height

by John 21 Sep 2014

The future of skyscrapers perhaps accommodate a whole city . British capital London, made of composite building construction purposes , this so-called "endless city" project will build a 300-meter-high skyscraper. It can accommodate thousands of people , including schools, offices, shops , entertainment areas and residential areas, and even parks. Various functions inside the building creates different areas which can accommodate thousands of people , " vertical city ." The picture shows the vertical urban design.

London's proposed mixed-use skyscraper will greatly save space crowded cities. Residents can walk back and forth via the bridges, tunnels, enjoy the scenery, shopping areas , business districts and residential areas and other regions. The city's skyscraper has many features , such as car parks, green spaces and parks, shopping areas , residential and recreational area. Although the skyscraper is still in the design stage, but the project has designated construction site in the City of London . It is unclear when the building will enter the construction phase , it is reported that the building is up to 300 meters , covers an area of 165,855 square meters

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