Investing in Residential Property near Primary School ( Part 1 )

by Sze Yhee (SY) 09 Jul 2015

9 July 2015

Every year, between early June to end July will be a busy period for parents trying to enroll their child into a primary 1 School. A ‘Good’ school is very subjective and the definition varies from one parent to the other.

For 2016, there are 190 primary schools & 41,860 places in total for primary 1 registration.

Out of 190 schools, three new schools will be ready in Punggol to serve the growing population. Oasis Primary School, Punggol Cove Primary School and Waterway Primary School.

Often, Parents are too concern that their current homes / address are too far from primary schools Registration. There are other factors should be considered first before deciding on the distant to school. Here’s the extract from MOE.

Address Used for Registration

The address used in the P1 Registration Exercise should be the parents’ official residential address as reflected on their NRICs. This address will be used to determine the home-school distance category, where required for consideration of priority in admissions.

The home-school distance category priority is given with the expectation that the family will reside at the address for the duration of the child’s primary school studies, as it is for the convenience and interest of the child.

In a small number of cases, there may be situations where the families are unable to remain at the address used for registration for the entire duration of the child’s primary school studies. Even so, a child who gains priority admission into a school through his/her distance category is required to reside at the address used for registration for at least 30 months from the commencement of the P1 registration exercise on 2 July 2015. If this condition is not met, MOE reserves the right to transfer the child to another school with vacancies, as the priority admission to the first school was based on the declared address used for registration.

False Information

Any registrant found to have provided false information during the Primary One Registration Exercise will be referred to the Police for investigation. A child who is successfully registered in a school based on false information given will be transferred to another school with available vacancies after all eligible children have been registered.

Here is what parents really need to know about Primary 1 Registration which gives priority to


For a child who has a sibling studying in the primary school of choice.

Example for 2016 Registration, below are popular schools which have more than 50% no. of Children registered (on 2 & 3 July 2015 )from total vacancy available for primary 1.

Nanyang Primary School,

Henry Park Primary School,

Fengshan Primary School,

Temasek Primary School,

Ai Tong School,

River Valley Primary School

Pei Hwa Presbysterian Primary school

South View Primary school

Yee Tee Primary School

Nan Hua Primary school

Kong Hwa School

Xinmin Primary School

Jurong Primary School

Lakeside Primary School

Rulang Primary School

West Grove Primary School

Tao Nan School

Pasir Ris primary School

Horizon Primary School

Fairfield Methodist School

Canberra Primary school

Endeavour Primary School

Nan Chiau Primary School

Rosyth School

Changzheng Primary School

St. Hilda’s Primary School

Kheng Cheng School

Admiralty Primary School

Evergreen Primary School

Innova Primary School

Woodlands Primary School

Huamin Primary school

Jiemin Primary School


Which is The Popular Alumi School ?  ( For Phase 2A1 )

The popular Alumi School for 2016 P1 Registration are as follows

CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School ( apparently over subscribed. ) In this case there will be balloting

Red Swastika School

Ai Tong School

Catholic High School

Henry Park Primary School

Methodist Girl’s School

Nanyang Primary School

Anglo Chinese School (Junior)

Nan Hua Primary School

Maha Bodhi School

Tao Nan School

Anglo Chinese ( Primary )

Singapore Chinese Girl’s Primary School

St. Joseph Institution Junior

Fairfield Methodist School (Primary)

Rosyth School

CHIJ Primary ( Toa Payoh )

Maris Stella High School

Pei Chun Public School

Now, for the case of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School , the balloting process will take place and give priority to

1)    Singapore Citizen who Home – School within 1km

2)    Singapore Citizen who Home – School Between 1km-2km

3)    Singapore Citizen who Home – School about 2km

4)    SPR who Home – School within 1km

5)    SPR who Home – School Between 1km-2km

6)    SPR ho Home – School about 2km

For Example, for CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School, Total place available for this phase and next phase is 92. But based on this phase alone, it is already over subscribed (97 in total). There will be no place for next phase ; ( Phase 2A2 )whose parent or sibling has studied in the primary school of choice and whose parent is a staff member of the primary school of choice

Hypothetically, if out of 97 , the break down is as follows

Citizen <1km : 60 nos

Citizen 1-2km : 31 nos

Citizen about 2km : 6 nos.

I m assuming Alumi parents are all Singapore Citizen, hence do not need to consider SPR,

Citizen < 1km and Citizen 1-2km all will get their place since it is only 91 in total.  ( total place available is 92 )

So this leave 6 of the citizen about 2km to ballot for the last place.

Conclusion, if you are a Singapore citizen and your home to School is less than 1km, you child will get a place. If you are a Singapore citizen and your home to School is close to 2km, there will be a ballot for your child’s place. But if your are a Singapore PR, even if your home is within 1km, there is no more place for your child.

 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School ( Ang Mo Kio ) has no more place for Primary 1 registration.

to be continued part 2…

Phase 2A2 , 2B, 2C and 3 and update of all places


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