Living in the clouds - City in the Sky

by John 11 Oct 2014

People could someday be living the high life in this futuristic 'super city' towering 2,230ft (680 metres) into the clouds. The Cloud Citizen project, a 1.7 million square foot metropolis, dwarfs all but one skyscraper in the world - the 2,717ft (828 metres) Burj Khalifa. 

It was designed as part of a competition to create a new iconic business district in Shenzhen Bay, China - and the towering design won first prize As an integral part of the urban ecosystem, the proposal also has the ability to harvest rainwater and produce power from the sun, wind, and algae. In addition, it stores carbon and filters particles from the air while housing sanctuaries for wild plants and food-production modules. By implementing these mechanisms, the architects were able to place shelters throughout the exterior terraces in order to place visitors, residents, and workers in close proximity to nature, leisure, and healthier lifestyles.

It took a dedicated team of designers around 12 weeks of work to create the plans. The design aims to give back to the environment through rainwater harvesting, solar and wind power, and pollutant filters. A number of smaller areas within the large structure have been set aside for IT-industry, commercial, leisure, and cultural areas. Each one of these spaces is also connected to a large park, and aims to encourage a sustainable lifestyles. Jonas Lundberg, international design director for the Urban Future Organisation, said their vision was less about grandeur and more focused on giving back to the environment.

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