Singapore unable to get HDB loan, loan application rejected, Bankrupt? here 4 way to resolve

by Lee Lee 16 Apr 2015

you have been dating your boyfriend for 2years, starting a happy small family with 2 little children with your boyfriend

want to buy a resale 4room HDB flat, and application for loan declined

1 ) remember the guy who kept borrowing money at school, and slowly return?

you!, the reader who use credit card, even 0% interest installment plan!

Singapore regulation only allow you to have "Total Debt Servicing Ratio" 30% of your income

resolve your credit card debt!

2 ) get a government job, like teacher, zoo keeper, gardener.

government job represent steel bowl, you won't get fired, and big bank know this too!

part time job, and self-employed is not good for loan (dangerous, unstable income)

try and become a taxi driver or primary school teacher.

3 ) don't breakup with your boyfriend, or everything have to restart!

you've finally decided to settle down, successful get loan, bought a new launch and waiting to TOP

4 ) Bankrupt can buy HDB 5 room or smaller, (yes, Bankrupt people can get loan, same as normal people)

however, executive condo and maisonette flat is restricted

start finding your dream home! list of all Singapore HDB for Sale

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