Singapore property agent are changing job

by Lee Lee 16 Apr 2015

ex property agent Nicholas Chia, 28years old Singaporean, Male

he don't sell house anymore, he is now shining cars.

he said in the interview: almost every property agent have a car, so i can tap on the network i have made.

he have seen many of his colleague changing field as well, just letting the CEA license expire, and just actively finding other job.

finding new job is quite easy for property agent, as they normally equipped with selling skill

they can find a job in selling cars, selling pet, selling just about anything in Singapore,

there is heavy labour shortage in Singapore, more agents turning out from this field would help the labour shortage too!

Ms X (refuse to be named), 24years old Singaporean, Female

she decided to return to her 9 to 5 office job, to meet end need.

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author Lee Lee (Head Of Marketing Director and press) any mistake and correct

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