Pinnacle at Duxton, to sell or not to sell?

by Lee Lee 15 Apr 2015

in previous post, i wrote Demographic of Pinnacle at Duxton and 4 Reason why you should not buy Pinnacle At Duxton

few iconic building in Singapore also Sky Habitat and the Sail @ Marina Bay

you bought Pinnacle at Duxton, not sure want to sell?

some of our "warm agents" contacted the homeowner there with flyers, and cold phone call (annoying correct?)

so one of our "warm agent", contacted a owner and said "our buyer offered 1million for your 4room HDB at Pinnacle at Duxton"

what if you received the call, will you sell? homeowner answer. "how to register do not call?"

the agent politely replied and provided instruction step 1... the home owner immediately hanged the phone call before agent say step 2.

if your children and your husband love it, then keep it. just like the ring your husband bought you, will you sell?


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waiting for HDB to TOP? rent it or stay with your parents!

few iconic building in Singapore also Sky Habitat and the Sail @ Marina Bay

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