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by Lee Lee 17 Apr 2015

try out school near Raffles Girls’ Primary School

Parents or home buyers can now check if their home is within 1 or 2 kilometers of their choice Singapore primary school. The 1km circumference is in red. Only the primary schools within 1km radius are displayed. The information is provided by Urban Redevelopment Authority and Singapore Land Authority and we are not responsible for any inaccuracies. Please check with the schools concerned for the exact status of your home location.

official Singapore Ministry of Education Primary 1

Parents can register their child at any Singapore primary school of their choice. However if there are more applications than vacancies, then balloting will be conducted. Balloting will be conducted according to the following order of priority:

  1. Children living within 1km of the school
  2. Children living between 1km-2km of the school
  3. Children living outside 2km of the school

From 2012 onwards, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will implement measures to further differentiate between Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) at the Primary One (P1) Registration Exercise. When balloting is necessary in a specific phase, SCs will be given absolute priority over PRs. SCs and PRs will continue to be eligible for the same phases, and all applicants will be admitted if the total number of applicants in any phase does not exceed the number of vacancies. However, if the number of applications exceeds the number of vacancies in a specific phase, SCs will be admitted first ahead of PRs, before home-school distance is considered.

Starting from the 2014 Primary One (P1) Registration Exercise, the Ministry of Education (MOE) will reserve 40 places in every primary school for registrants in Phase 2B and 2C (20 places for each phase) to ensure continued open access to all primary schools.

On each school page, a map of the school with its 1 and 2km radius is shown. In addition, the 2014 to 2009 Primary One Registration exercise results are given.

For the 2014 to 2009 Primary One Registration exercises, we have summarised the results in the following lists:

  • Schools that balloted during Phase 2B registration1. For a child whose parent has joined the school as a parent volunteer not later than the cut off date and has given at least 40 hours of voluntary service to the school by the cut off date; or whose parent is a member endorsed by the church/clan directly connected with the school; or whose parent is endorsed as an active community leader.
  • Schools that balloted during Phase 2C registration. For a child who is ineligible for or unsuccessful in earlier phases.
  • Schools with Phase 2C supplementary vacancies. For a child who is unsuccessful in gaining a place in a school of choice at Phase 2C.
  • Schools with Phase 3 vacancies. For a child who is neither a Singapore Citizen nor a Permanent Resident. Children who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents and who have not registered at any of the earlier phases are also eligible to register at this phase. Registration in this phase will be done on a first-come-first-served basis.

Note 1: Explanation of 2014 registration phases and balloting rules.

special thanks to theasianparent for arranging the information provided by Singapore Ministry of Education.

Name of school
1 ) Raffles Girls’ Primary School X X XXX XXX
2 ) Rulang Primary School X X XX X XXX
3 ) St. Hilda’s Primary School X X XXX XXX
4 ) Ai Tong School X XXX XX
5 ) Catholic High School X XXX X XXX
6 ) CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School X XXX X
7 ) Chongfu School X X X XX
8 ) Gongshang Primary School X XXX X X
9 ) Henry Park Primary School X XXX X
10 ) Kong Hwa Primary School X XX X
11 ) Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School X XX X
12 ) Maris Stella High School X XX X
13 ) Methodist Girls’ School X XXX X X
14 ) Nanyang Primary School X XXX XX
15 ) Pasir Ris Primary School* X XXX XX XX
16 ) Pei Chun Public School X XXX X
17 ) Radin Mas Primary School X XX X
18 ) Rosyth School X XX X X
19 ) Tampines Primary School X X X X
20 ) Tao Nan School X XXX X
21 ) Temasek Primary School X XX XX

For Pei Chun Public School, the chances were far better: there were 118 applicants vying for the remaining 74 places. These were for those who live within 1km of the school. Those living outside the radius could not even get on the ballot.

The stakes were high. Success meant getting into a school that was a mere 10-minute walk away from home. Failure was unthinkable. 

“Not bad, six in 10 will make it through,” I told my wife. “But four in 10 won’t,” she countered.

try out Raffles Girls’ Primary School


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