5 things to do in Punggol, with your family

by Lee Lee 24 Apr 2015

want to bring your children out during the weekend? try those place out!

5 things to do with your family in Punggol!

1) Prawning and Fishing @ Hai Bin

In December 2006, Hai Bin planted roots in Sin Ming Ave – Nature Park Golf Driving Range. Though our history is short but Hai Bin has gone further than any existing prawn fishing businesses ever in Singapore’s history.

Prawn fishing, is a hobby made new in this decade. A relaxing leisure that has a history of more than 20 years in Singapore. This lifestyle has been getting ever more fashionable among Singaporeans for the past few years. Prawn fishing could be very exciting to a newbie or it could be a very relaxing activity for busy Singaporeans. To make things even better, a few drinks with barbecued prawns will make prawn fishing even more alluring. Prawn fishing is also a much loved pastime for family gatherings where family bonds are further strengthened. Laughter and smiles are the greatest proofs to this sport ís success among Singaporeans throughout her history.

2) Have A Picnic @ Punggol Waterway Park

Built around the section of Punggol Waterway and located along Sentul Crescent, Punggol Waterway Park is a great place for park users to enjoy a fun-filled day of leisure activities. The park is segmented into four different themes: Nature Cove, Recreation Zone, Heritage Zone and Green Gallery.

Fitness enthusiasts can jog or cycle on the well-maintained tracks along the promenade at both sides of the waterway while admiring the surrounding view. There is also a water playground for kids looking for a wet-and-wild day of fun. Alternatively, sit on the many benches placed around the park and enjoy the breeze as you listen to the soothing sounds of running, trickling, splashing and cascading water. While doing so, look out for the various types of birds that can be spotted along the Waterway.

Punggol Waterway Park is one of four parks linked by the North Eastern Riverine Loop of the Park Connector Network. The Waterway runs through the Punggol Waterway Park, and serves to increase park and water frontage for the housing estate while providing a green respite for residents.The word ‘Punggol’ in Malay means 'hurling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring them down to the ground', a reference to the area’s history as a fruit-growing district or as a rendezvous for wholesale fruit agents.

3) Have a buffet dinner at Sakura Charcoal Grilled and Shabu Shabu @ Marina Country Club

From the beautiful roof top gardens in every block to the rustic overgrown foliage leading to the nearby beach; or the dilapidated yet charming Matilda house perched resolutely in the middle of modern developments. Punggol is truly an intriguing juxtapose of the new and the old, an interesting buzz of urbanisation amidst the quaint rural backdrop of places untouched by modernisation.

4) Visit the horses @ Gallop Stables

Horse riding in Singapore has for a very long time been limited to a membership based riding. This has since changed with the incorporation of Gallop Stable in the year 2003. Gallop stable gives opportunity to everyone, young and old to do horseback riding without the hassle of being a member or paying royal fees. With full subsidies by Gallop Stable, the underprivileged are not forgotten as well.

Gallop Stable was built as a horse riding provider with the people in mind thereby making riding affordable and hassle free. Gallop Stable kick started its operation at PASIR RIS PARK with 13 friendly and schooled ponies stabled near the beach vicinity. Since its opening, pony joy rides and riding lessons have been very favourable and demands have been overwhelming.
This has prompted Gallop Stable to seek a larger space and do horse riding on a bigger scale operations. When a space at the former Turf Club stables was offered (now known as Horsecity), Gallop Stable galloped for the offer.
Incorporating 10 riding arenas and 200 stables filled with a total of 150 horses and ponies and a pool of 10 experienced instructors, Gallop Stable at Horsecity boasts to be one of the largest public riding centres in Singapore.
Ever since then riding has taken a gallop to the fore front. With the mass number of ponies and horses, Gallop Stable @ Horsecity is able to offer more horse riding activities like pony & carriage rides, pony & donkey feeding, one-time trial lessons, corporate team building the horse way, riding as school curriculums, senior citizens riding package, outback campfire, pony camps for kids, hiring of ponies/horses for private functions, wedding shoots with carriages/horses, treasure hunts on horseback, stable management and tacking up courses, trail rides at Fairways Green and the various riding packages.
Once again, we would like to reiterate that Gallop Stable was made for the people in mind, and opportunity for public to try horse riding without worrying about membership, monthly subscriptions and royal cost. Here at Gallop Stable, we cater for all ages, from the youngest to senior level. An easier way of being close to horses/ponies, watching them trot and at the same time hear their hooves pounding at close proximity. Watch potential riders mount their horses and if that's boring then do it yourself. It's made easy.
Whenever you think about horses or anything to do with horses, THINK GALLOP STABLE, the name says it all.

5) Have late night munchies @ Bacon and Booze

Bacon is meat candy.
It melts in your mouth. It's everything you need on a bad day to cheer you up! With bacon in it, every average meal becomes an awesome meal.  

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