5 keys to buying of Commercial property in Singapore

by Lee Lee 16 Apr 2015

i wish to start my own McDonald and 7-Eleven franchise as well. just let employee do the work and become a small boss

but how can i find a good commercial property in Singapore?

a restaurant or clothing shop in shopping mall is great, all you need is marketing like flyers, and joint-promo with mall

1 ) Tenure, 99years or freehold, in Singapore freehold is normally much more expensive.

2 ) past owner must have proven profit record, ask him why you want to sell? when it's doing well

3 ) additional cost, utility such as electricity bill, security guard, garbage collection, water fee, and joint-promo

4 ) you must have proven solid accounting record of profiting inorder to get commercial loan from bank (ideas cannot)

5 ) a suitable location, here's a joke to let you understand better ok.

my friend went to open a fruit store in hospital

I say good!, those families and friend go visit sure will buy from you

my friend replied: not a single sale.

I ask him what happen?

my friend replied: it's a dental hospital

have a nice day finding commercial property in Singapore for sale

commercial property in Singapore for rent

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