Sharon Wang 王璇 Sharon Wang 王璇
Senior Sales Director
CEA: L3007487F/R002069B
Agency Call: +65 91867007

@@@@@ Finding a Special Home takes a Special Sales Professional @@@@@

When it comes to buying, selling or renting a distinguished property,
it takes a sales professional with finesse and understanding.
Someone who listens to your needs, maintains confidentiality,
provides in-depth information about a property, its surrounding area, as well as the investment landscape.

*@*@*@*@* Sharon Wang - Your Bespoke Real Estate Agent *@*@*@*@*

With over a decade of dedication in property investment portfolio management and marketing luxurious properties,
complemented by her academic training in Business Finance, Psychology, Marketing and Communications,
Sharon possesses the knowledge and experience in making your real estate dreams come true.

Helping her friends and clients attain their dream investments and lock in profits, while maintaining their financial comfort, has always been, and will continue to remain her top priority.

Sharon is committed to assist you in attaining the best home and living style you and your family aspire.

In Sharon's Own Words :

"I embrace the saying " Home Is Where My Heart Is".
So it comes as no surprise that I enjoy every bit of what I do.
I love seeing homes, and I enjoy meeting people.
I count my blessings that most clients turn out to be friends whom I share good long-term relationships with.

To me, you are not just a client.
You are a friend….to whom I will listen,
your needs I will meet,
and your interest I will guard."

Distinguished clients and exceptional properties deserve the very best….
Be served by a professional with finesse and sincerity - Bespoke Style!

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