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Save time, effort & money by engaging a strong team of full time real estate consultant in transacting your resale properties at the price of one!

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Associate Marketing Director

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TESTIMONIALS from my trusted clients:
>>>>>>>>>>> MR ANISH & FAMILY <<<<<<<<<<
I am so happy and thankful to and your services and the professionalism in your service. You clearly understood our need and our budget immediately we met first time and showed as the selected home that fully meet our requirements and within 2 days we were able to give the Token.
You were always available while we contacting and your responses was very Quick Very good in negotiating Prices with the seller and brought it down and did the paper works in a very good and in a small time frame.   I am fully satisfied with your services so I have recommended you to my relatives and friends those who are planning to buy proprieties in nearest future.
Thanks again to helping us to find our Dream Home.

>>>>>>>>>>> JULIEN & MARIA <<<<<<<<<<<<
We are pleased to write this Testimonial for Eunice Kwoh and Kent Tan from Dennis Wee Realty.
We have firstly dealt with Eunice and Kent mid of 2014, as we were looking for a flat for rent. We unfortunately have not finalized the deal together, but we have appreciated their efforts to find our ideal place.
When we were looking for buying our first home mid of 2015, we were confident that Eunice and Kent could help us greatly. And they did very well.
We find Eunice and Kent to be very professional, honest and provide timely communications that are precise and thorough.
We are happy to deal with both as they are very courteous in their manner of communication, over the phone and in writing. Always available and eager to answer any questions we had, they were great advisers as well. They have both demonstrated skills at every steps of the buying process.
They made the "buying of our life" a great experience without any issue. They went beyond their duties. We will not only recommend them to our families, friends and colleagues, we will definitely stay in touch with both of them for any future transactions.
Thank you Eunice, Kent.

>>>>>>>>>>> MR CHAN  <<<<<<<<<<<<
Personally I'm glad that kent Tan were part of your DWG team colleague.He definitely execute his professional skill in handling property diligently assisting buyer for property detail.He is knowledgeable whereby he had repeatedly explaining and guiding me the fact and detail with regards to property issues. I'm pleased whereby I'm able to secure a good purchase price.
What really surprise me is that he had gone extra miles politely explaining to me.How's the hdb asset will be divided in the case of married and divorcee cases.

I'm strongly recommended to anyone or home purchaser owner to contact him personally. A great guy with passion and knowledge in properties.I'm wishing Kent and DWG in a properous year ahead.

>>>>>>>>>>> MS LIU <<<<<<<<<<<<

I just purchased a HDB flat from Mr. Kent Tan. After I started to look for a flat, I have contacted maybe 30 to 40 agents (including several of my friends' agents whom they think highly of) before I get to know Kent. Although he is the last agent that I get to know, to my knowledge, he is the most responsible, professional and patient one. He is very easy to approach like an old friend. Whenever I have questions, he always replies patiently in time in detail and in a professional way.  Unlike some other agents, who would push to buy and always show the buyer how good the house is. Kent never pushes, which makes me feel very comfortable. Instead, he has been always viewing flats in a critical way and I feel he is really thinking from the buyer's side. As a person not really careful, some kind of blur, I am very lucky to have him as my agent. e.g. I decided to buy the flat in a rush and I didn't notice some of the details but later when I asked Kent, he can give me the answer! For me, he has demonstrated sufficient skills in helping me search the flats with attributes I requested and process the property purchase afterwards. I can feel he is very proficient for the procedure & handle all necessary paperwork.
He is also very modest and honest, always speaking the truth, addressing issues very clearly in an accurate way instead of exaggerating or use vague words.  He makes everything regarding to property purchase very transparent. 
When I finally decided to buy this flat, I told him the price that I can accept and he helped me to negotiate without requesting for SGD 1000 check to show my "sincerity" to the seller, which is a common practice for some other agents, maybe other company ( I hope your company can keep this good point :-) 
I would like to highly recommend him to other friends who would like to buy house. Actually I have already recommended him to my personal friends and someone intend to buy flat in Jurong West in a Chinese forum in Sep. 
Although not knowing him very long, I believe Kent will reach his best in the field of real estate and property because of his good personality, professional service, honesty and qualities that other agents may not have. 

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