Jack Lim Jack Lim
Associate Senior Group Director
CEA: L3002226G/R004438i
Agency Call: +65 83335757

vBlessing  by  God,  5  years  achievements  as  follow:

SAEA  Real  Estate  Excellence  Awards

 2012  Best   Salesperson  nominee  &

 Best  Client  Service  Gold  Award

1.SAEA Real Estate Excellence Nominee Awards 2009
2.HSR top   300   Producers   of year 2008 (position 260)
3.HSR top   100   Producers   of year 2009 (position   25)
4.HSR top   100   Producers   of year 2010 (position   15)
5.HSR top    5th    Lister           of year 2010
6.HSR top    2nd    Producers   of year 2011
7.HSR top    1st    Lister           of year 2011
8.HSR Multi-Million Dollar Producers
9.HSR Prestige Club Member

vOthers  Awards :

Year 2008 :

1.DWG Top   14th   Producer for the month of March 2008
2.HSR   Top   1st       Lister for the month of Oct 2008

Year 2009:

1.HSR         Top    21th   Producer for the month of April 2009
2.HSR         Top      8th   Producer for the month of May 2009
3.HSR         Top    30th   Producer for the month of Dec 2009
4.Division  Top      8th   Producer for year 2009
5.Division  Top    18th   Producer for the month of April 2009

Year 2010:

1.HSR         Top   5th   Lister for the month of Mar 2010
2.HSR         Top   2nd   Producer for the month of Aug 2010
3.Promotion  2010
4.Division  Top   2nd   Producer year 2010
5.Division  Top   3rd    Lister year 2010

Districts covered

North (D25-28)

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